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Architecture & interior

Design Magic with Interior AI

Interior Ai

Unlock Your Imagination:
Interior AI is your go-to solution for igniting your creative spark when it comes to interior design. We've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to help you generate stunning design ideas, all at your fingertips.

Seamless Transformation:
Our platform allows you to upload a 2D image of your room and explore a wide array of over 32 pre-selected design styles. With just a few clicks, our AI will work its magic, providing you with a high-resolution image showcasing your space in a brand-new light. The best part? If you prefer a blank canvas, we can effortlessly remove existing decorations to offer a fresh perspective.

Versatile and Inspiring:
Interior AI isn't just for homeowners seeking to transform their spaces; it's also a game-changer for designers in search of innovative ideas for their clients. Our platform can bring a contemporary, traditional, minimalist, tropical, biophilic, bohemian, or industrial touch to your interiors. The AI-generated images are your canvas, sparking your creativity to craft even more inspiring concepts.

Tailored Recommendations:
Personalization is key. Interior AI doesn't just generate mockups; it adapts to your unique needs. Your design preferences shape the suggestions we offer, streamlining your creative process and saving you valuable time.

Versatility Beyond Designers:
Interior AI isn't just for design professionals; it's a versatile tool for various users. Real estate agents can use it to create captivating virtual stages for property listings. Homeowners can explore remodeling ideas for their interiors, and designers can leverage it to present mockups or designs to their clients.


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