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Discover Unique AI-Generated Creatures


Enter the future of Fakemon creation with our groundbreaking Text-Guided Generation feature. Unleash your creativity, crafting Fakemon like never before. Be a master Fakemon creator with Advanced Generation, stacking up Noképoints as you embark on this thrilling journey.

-Text-Guided Fakemon Creation: The future is here with Text-Guided Generation. Describe your dream Fakemon, and watch as your words breathe life into captivating creatures. This exclusive feature is a game-changer for Advanced Generation users.
-Unlock the Creative Power: Ready to dive in? Follow these steps to bring your Fakemon dreams to life:
Visit the Advanced Tab in the generator.
Select the types that match your envisioned Fakemon (Fire, Water, Electric, etc.).
Input keywords that capture your idea. For instance, "cute, dog-like, fiery" might conjure a charming, fiery Fakemon.
Click "Generate" and see your imagination take form.
-Fine-Tune Your Vision: With Text-Guided Generation, you have the flexibility to refine your creation:
Adjust your latest creation by selecting "Yes" under "Modify Previous Generation".
Tweak the type or keywords to guide your design to perfection.
If you're unsatisfied with the result, choose "No" under "Modify Previous Generation" for a fresh image.
-Basic Generation: For those who prefer Basic Generation, follow these steps:
Open the Fakemon Generator and go to the Basic tab.
Choose the Fakemon's style (2D or 3D) and a single type (fire, water, grass, etc.).
Click "Generate" to create a Fakemon based on your chosen attributes.
-Batch Generation: Amplify your Fakemon creation experience with Batch Generation:
Visit the Advanced Tab in the Fakemon Generator.
Switch to 'Batch' in the 'Generate by' option.
Specify the number of Fakemon you want to generate.
Click 'Generate' for a batch that takes just around 30 seconds.


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