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Game assets

Craft unique and consistent game assets


GenAI Gaming by Scenario - the ultimate solution for game professionals looking to harness the power of custom-trained AI models to revolutionize their game development process. With Scenario, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities and streamline your workflow, while maintaining full control over your game assets. Here are some key features that make GenAI Gaming a game-changer:

Custom AI Models: Craft unique and style-consistent game assets with custom-trained AI models, tailored to your specific art direction.
Accelerated Development: Shatter development time by generating IP-perfect game assets in seconds, reducing the time from concept to market.
Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly integrate Scenario into your studio's workflow, saving precious hours, days, and weeks across all stages of game development.
Cross-Platform AI: Easily integrate the Scenario GenAI Engine into your games, empowering player-generated content with consistency and control.
Unlimited Possibilities: Train your own AI models by gathering your training data, from characters to concept art, and create endless variations with advanced features like Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting.
Seamless Integration: The Scenario GenAI Engine is API-first and can be integrated into various design software, game engines like Unity, and even directly within your games.
Your Style's Perfect Match: Let custom models generate visuals that match your established aesthetics, ensuring a consistent look and feel for your games.


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